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Event Details
When: 24th September 2020
Time: 1800 to 1915
Where: Online

Businesses are rapidly adapting to a work and legal order that is in constant flux, and a market that is changing just as quickly. Software delivery teams may have grown rapidly, or rapidly redeployed to tackle new projects. Whether your business has grown rapidly or pivoted in a new direction, chances are good that your teams are a being reformed.

Laurence Wood and Kev McCabe from William Hill will present a curated set of tools and how they might help your teams adapt to the way your business itself is changing.

Either you are growing and splitting teams, spinning up new teams for new projects, or simply adding new faces to old teams. Laurence's Richer Roles tool will help your teams understand their mutual responsibilities and decide how best to support each other, whilst at the same time driving productivity by exploring overlaps, commitments and expectations.

For more mature teams, Laurence will introduce his retrospective technique focused on your team's behaviors and policies. Establishing what behaviours you want to see is often complex. Stamping out negative behaviour and encouraging more positive behaviour can both be wrong. Sometimes there is an optimum amount of useful behaviour before it causes a problem. Richer Retrospectives is a great way to help teams continuously refine their behaviours to ensure they are behaving in the optimum way to get work done in their particular context. Richer Retrospectives is being rolled across William Hill to encourage their teams to reflect on how things are and choose a target to improve.

About Laurence Wood
Creator of the Richer Roles and Richer Retrospectives Agile team techniques, Laurence is an APMG(R)-accredited AgilePM(R) educator and a digital leadership/engagement coach in William Hill. He inspires teams and leaders to deliver more value, more often. 

Featured Products

Richer Retrospectives by Laurence Wood
Richer Retrospectives by Laurence Wood

Richer Retrospectives by Laurence Wood

Richer Roles by Laurence Wood
Richer Roles by Laurence Wood

Richer Roles by Laurence Wood