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Agile and Soft Skills sessions at NDC London 2018

Agile and Soft Skills sessions at NDC London 2018

We're delighted to see NDC London - a major tech conference - returning this week with a great selection of Agile, DevOps and workplace skills. This one was a little too early in the year to get involved directly but it is a conference we're keeping an eye on.

Here are our #wishyouwerethere session picks:


10:20The power of technical decisions

Jake Ginnivan ( @JakeGinnivan )

11:40The Developer’s Guide to Promoting Your Work

Todd H. Gardner ( @toddhgardner )

11:40You build it, you run it (why developers should also be on call)

Chris O'Dell ( @ChrisAnnODell )

17:40Good Code: What, Why, and How to Get There

Jane Prusakova ( @jprusakova )


10:20The Performance Investigator's Field Guide

Sasha Goldshtein ( @goldshtn )

11:40Who Needs Dashboards?

Jessica White ( @JessPWhite )

11:40How to win with automation and influence people

Gwen Diagram ( @gwendiagram )

13:40Hack Your Career

Troy Hunt ( @troyhunt )



10:20This Startup Life: A Developer's Mistakes and Tips

Ben Cull ( @BenWhoLikesBeer )

13:40Testing in Production

Gel Goldsby


13:40Make It Fixable

Patricia Aas ( @pati_gallardo )

16:20Harnessing Chaos; the hidden ingredient behind building better systems

Russ Miles

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