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Agile Conferences in the UK - January to June 2018

Agile Conferences in the UK - January to June 2018

There is a lot happening in the Agile Community and we certainly felt that last year keeping track of all the events and at times struggling to prioritize and manage our time effectively. So this year we decided to create a paper and online calendar / planner for agile related events in the UK, starting with the first 6 months. It's great to see an impressive list of conferences just in the UK. So well done (again) to the Agile Community!



And for us, it's a little bit more exciting as we are sponsoring two of the conferences - PIPELINE in March and Agile in the City, London in April. So make sure you look out for us if you are attending. And by the way, get your copy of this calendar when you buy any of our products :)

Date Host Name Location
15-20 Jan NDC London London
29-30 Jan Agile Content London
5-7  Mar QCon Conference London
7-9 Mar Service Design in Government Edinburgh
15-16 Mar Global Agile Development London
20-Mar PIPELINE London
17-18 Apr CukenFest London
19-20 Apr Agile in the City London
26-27 Apr DDD eXchange London
9-11 May Agile Manchester Manchester
13-15 Jun UX Scotland Scotland


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