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Elevation of Privilege: Helping developers do security

Elevation of Privilege: Helping developers do security

The Elevation of Privilege (EOP) game is designed to help you easily and quickly find threats to software or computer systems. Until now, considering a system from an attackers’ perspective was hard to wrap your head around. The game helps you identify attacks within a six category framework and is intended to be picked up and used by any development group.

Agile Stationery are very pleased to be hosting a session on EOP at the Leeds Digital Festival on 25th April where we will play the game, and see how it works in practice. Gwen Diagram will share tips and insights on how to roll it out across your teams as she did at Sky.

Simon Gibbs of Agile Stationery will make a brief introduction to the game explaining why Microsoft created it and the value it offers today.

This will be followed by the game play against the Juice Shop reference architecture facilitated by Gwen Diagram. 

Limited places available so book now.

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