Five ways we can help virtual conference organisers replace opportunities for sponsors

Conference organisers do a great job creating a learning experience for delegates who demand insightful content. Sponsors help to deliver those insights by paying for the means of delivery, but those means are changing out of anyone's control.

Where conference organisers invest in essentials like lanyards, bags, backdrops, wifi, even venue signage the tendency is to have them produced at a profit with sponsor logos. In return, sponsors make an extra impact during the event. With many event organisers switching to an online backup plan, the same branded items don't make sense anymore.

At Agile Stationery, many of our products are design for use in -person, just like conference essentials were. In lock-down, we needed new products to sustain revenue. We are able to offer the benefit of these adaptations.

To recreate opportunities for sponsors, the answer is to help them make contact with delegates through good old-fashioned mail. We also believe physical swag can deliver unexpected and exciting experiences for attendees of virtual conferences making interactions more human and helping sponsors better connect with their audience.  

Here is how we can help:

1. Video Conference cards

Body language is well-known as a source of clues about the emotions and character of your colleagues. Video calls usually cut the body in half and can even hide the top half if they are not well configured or users don’t know how to bring up the larger thumbnail view. 

We have developed a set to cards designed to be shown on video call screens. Compared to body language they lack subtlety - like flirting by Bat Signal - but they achieve cut-through in a crowded screen full of thumbnails.

A small set of single sided cards will allow for sponsor logos on the back - a high-impact opportunity that actually helps workshops and Q&A sessions run smoothly.

The cards can be literally delivered, by mail, to individual homes. Such deliveries are now a standard part of our offering.


2. Virtual Agile Ritual Cards

With everyone working from home as a result of the pandemic, we wanted to make sure that agile rituals, like playing planning poker, grooming, and retrospectives could continue to do so in a way that felt familiar. We created our Agile Ritual Cards for single players including Fibonacci numbers, and traffic lights cards that are simple and familiar, and could be shipped to homes.



3. Kudos postcards

Postcards are a familiar branding opportunity for many marketing departments, but by encouraging users to send appreciative notes to speakers and organisers, you can increase engagement with the item. Alternatively, use a post card to encourage feedback. Send them out ahead of the event, so that delegates have them with them at home during your online event.

Our stock range is made from a bright sturdy card which looks and feels great. For high status brands we can also offer premium and luxury materials.


3. Remote Worker Kits

We are able to produce boxed kits of stationery products with branded lids, customised internals and specially curated contents. A branded stationery box, for use at home, makes sense. Bag sponsors will see the logic in changing the bag to a printed box, or perhaps a lanyard or twitter-wall sponsor will take the opportunity. Some lucky sponsors will even be able to shift their stock of branded pens!

There is plenty of room in our standard box bases for video conference cards kudos postcards and... 


Bonus Idea: 
4. Deferred Delivery

Perhaps the there is a volume of sponsor material that still makes no sense in lockdown. Perhaps sponsors want to wait until lockdown has ended and the economic recovery is underway? 

A positive way to address these issues would be to produce a boxed kit, but defer delivery for a few months. The arrival of the delegate's pack will act as a reminder of the insights learned at the conference, and an opportunity for the sponsor to reconnect at a more relevant moment.

Getting it Done

Despite the lockdown, we are well set up to take bulk deliveries and send volumes of parcels. We have ample working space to handle fulfilment and packing of up to 2000 delegate packs simultaneously.

Contact the team via email or live chat to discuss your options.

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