Devika Gibbs 6 January 2022

How can we help Agile and Cybersecurity conference organisers?

Swag box for Play Secure Conference

Conference organisers do a great job creating a learning experience for delegates who demand insightful content. Sponsors help to deliver those insights by paying for the means of delivery. Where conference organisers invest in essentials like lanyards, swag bags, backdrops, wifi, even venue signage, they are often produced at a profit with sponsor logos. In return, sponsors make an extra impact during the event.

Over the last year, we've discovered how some of our products have enhanced the remote working experience for many. These products can deliver unexpected and exciting experiences for attendees of both physical and virtual conferences making interactions more human and helping sponsors better connect with their audience.

Here is how we can help:

1. Branded Card Decks create a long-term connection 

Elevation of Privilege

OWASP Cornucpia

Our Cyber Security decks are great swag for Cyber Security Conferences. The reason for their enduring popularity is their rich content. You don't need to be with anyone, or even play a game, to learn from a deck of Elevation of Privilege. However with our online hand-dealing tool, Croupier, these games can be played with physical cards on video calls.  Demonstrate your love for developers and ops-folk by gifting a branded deck, or empower cyber security audiences to be more effective champions.

For Agile audiences, branded planning poker decks are the enduring classic of conference swag for physical conferences. Remotely, our Virtual Agile Ritual Cards, have proved to be a great success for teams, making them a perfect candidate for virtual conferences. With a lot of teams still working from home, we wanted to make sure that agile rituals, like playing planning poker, grooming, and retrospectives could continue in a way that felt familiar.

These up to date equivalents are sure to be retained by the delegates. Designed for use on video calls, they will also be seen regularly by delegates and peers.

Explore our custom card decks

2. Our Remote Working Tools are an impact opportunity

Since last year we've created some amazing products to help remote teams work more happily and  collaboratively. Our colourful Video Conference cards are a great swag item, sure to bring smiles on faces and give video conference callers a quick and efficient way to send a signal on video calls when it all gets a bit too much! 

For teams who have lost access to whiteboards, our reusable dry wipe notebook is a perfect companion for sessions when you want to collaborate, iterate or just sketch something out. We can help create custom versions of these products to achieve a lasting impact.

Explore our Remote Working Tools

Our Dry Erase Notebook in action!

3. Branded Stationery

For our agile practitioners, we offer a variety of stationery products that enable a comfortable Agile planning process without getting in the way. 

We can deliver boxed 'Work from Home' kits of the stationery products with branded lids, customised internals and specially curated contents. Bag sponsors will see the logic in changing the bag to a printed box, or perhaps a lanyard or twitter-wall sponsor will take up this new opportunity. 

Explore our custom kits


We are well set up to provide a fulfilment service in the UK, US, EU and worldwide. With our fulfilment centres in the US and across Europe, we can offer good rates with most products being delivered in 3 to 5 working days. We have recently also completed our tax registration with the EU which means no more delays at the customs border to receive packages. 

So get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and we'll be delighted to help!