Devika Gibbs 25 January 2021

How can we help Agile and Cyber Security virtual conference organisers?

Conference organisers do a great job creating a learning experience for delegates who demand insightful content. Sponsors help to deliver those insights by paying for the means of delivery. Where conference organisers invest in essentials like lanyards, swag bags, backdrops, wifi, even venue signage, the tendency is to have them produced at a profit with sponsor logos. In return, sponsors make an extra impact during the event.

With conferences going virtual, a lot of the same items don't make sense anymore. But is digital swag in an intense digital and remote world the best way for sponsors and delegates to connect. At Agile Stationery, we've always believed in the importance of physical tools at work and continue to do so. We believe that physical tools support embodied cognition without becoming distracting and provide the fastest feedback loop in the simplest possible setting.

Over the last months, we've discovered how some of our products have worked really well and enhanced the remote working experience for many. We feel that these products can deliver unexpected and exciting experiences for attendees of virtual conferences making interactions more human and helping sponsors better connect with their audience.

Here is how we can help:

1. Branded Card Decks 

Elevation of Privilege

OWASP Cornucpia

Virtual Agile Ritual Cards

Our Cyber Security decks have done well in lockdown and a branded version of either the Elevation of Privilege or OWASP Cornucopia card decks can be great swag for Cyber Security Conferences. One of the reasons why they've done so well is their rich content. You don't need to be with anyone, or even play a game, to learn from a deck of Elevation of Privilege. However with our online hand-dealing tool, Croupier, these games can be played with physical cards on video calls.  Demonstrate your love for developers and ops-folk by gifting a branded deck.

For Agile Teams, our Virtual Agile Ritual Cards, have proved to be a great success. With everyone working from home we wanted to make sure that agile rituals, like playing planning poker, grooming, and retrospectives could continue in a way that felt familiar. Just as planning poker decks made great conference swag when we were free to browse the stalls, these up to date equivalents are sure to be retained. Designed for use on video calls, they will also be seen.

Browse our card decks

2. Branded T-Shirts

Since March 2020 teams travelled to roughly zero real life conferences and meetups. The opportunities to pick up freebie t-shirts are so slim, computer programmers are searching backs of cupboards for unused office attire and rocking collars on zoom calls :)

Deliver your brand into this void and you can be sure it will be noticed - and appreciated!

3. Branded Stationery

For our agile practitioners, we offer a variety of stationery products that enable a comfortable Agile planning process without getting in the way. 

We are able to produce boxed 'Work from Home' kits of the stationery products with branded lids, customised internals and specially curated contents. Bag sponsors will see the logic in changing the bag to a printed box, or perhaps a lanyard or twitter-wall sponsor will take the opportunity. Some lucky sponsors will even be able to shift their stock of branded pens!


Despite the lockdown, we are well set up to provide a fulfilment service worldwide. With our fulfilment centres in the US and across Europe, we can offer good rates and short deliver windows with most products being delivered in 3 to 5 working days to the US and Europe. Just get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and we'll be delighted to help!

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