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How to peel a sticky note? Any way you want!

How to peel a sticky note? Any way you want!

When we started out creating stationery for scrum professionals, we knew sticky notes were a must but we didn't just want to be yet another brand with more or less the same offering. There are a whole host of brands making the same kind of sticky note - a strip of adhesive on the top and a choice of neon and pastel colours. Prices were competitive, but were customers getting what they wanted? 

One of the common problems we noticed in the office was sticky notes curling up and falling off the whiteboards. Bloggers and twitter users were talking about the same issue even educating users on the complex special way to use a sticky note! YouTube videos confirmed that there was a real problem but there was something about the solutions being offered that didn't feel natural. 

More products came onto the market to address this issue of stickies curling up. super sticky notes, or notes with full adhesive came with a price and practitioners seemed to feel they could not be used at scale. Having tested the full adhesive notes ourselves, we felt they were far too sticky and quite difficult to pull off. As agile teams tried to move their stickies around they would have to context switch into the art of post-it note wrangling and loose their flow.

And that's how we got started and finally created our own version of our Pro Stickies with help from Stick'n, one of the very few companies in the world who use the correct combination of paper and adhesive to produce genuine self stick notes. 

We were looking to create something that did not curl up. We wanted users to be able to use them successfully without a manual or training video to tell them how to peel them. On top of this we put our minds to understanding the needs of agile practitioners as they created their whiteboards.

We felt whilst pastel and neon coloured notes provided some colour coding so users could add categorization to the board, the dark coloured notes like the blues and pinks, left us struggling to read the text clearly. So with this mind we wanted to create something that provided maximum contrast between ink and paper. 

So here you have them - Our Pro Stickies!

  • We put a square adhesive on the back which means the notes don't curl up, they stay flat.
  • 52% more glue means they cling harder to surfaces - you can even roll up flip chart papers with the notes still on them.
  • The same square of adhesive means you can peel and position the note at any angle, perhaps aligning the coloured edge to the flow of text.
  • Each note is a high contrast white pad edged with a coloured border making sure your text is mostly black on white, the most readable combination from a distance.
  • Just the right amount of colour for categorization, and five colours to choose from.
  • Finally having just the right amount of glue meant that we could achieve a competitive price for our customers without compromising on what we wanted to achieve.

We are now keen to get lots of user feedback. We've done our tests but we want to know if the stickies stayed flat for you. Did the whitepaper make the difference? And what do you want to see next? Different colours, shapes, sizes? We are keen to know.  

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