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Improving Organizational Agility - with Ben Linders

Improving Organizational Agility - with Ben Linders

We are very pleased to have Ben Linders present a one day workshop on 'Improving Organizational Agility'.

In the workshop Ben will take you through a number of exercises to help you learn how to apply agile throughout your organization in order to develop the right products, deliver them faster with better quality, and improve organizational agility!

Many organizations are going through agile transformations. They are implementing Scrum or Kanban and using large-scale agile frameworks like Lean, SAFe, LeSS or DAD, hoping to better serve the IT needs of the business and to develop products that satisfy their customer’s needs. Unfortunately, those transformations do not always live up to the agile promise of delivering better products, faster, at lower costs.

In this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Practice how to create an environment that enables teams and empower them to apply agile practices.
  • Learn ways to establish an agile mindset throughout the organization.
  • Create a culture that supports collaboration and which motivates people to work together to create high-quality products and services.
The workshop is loaded with examples and suggestions to help you become more agile and lean.

About Ben Linders
Ben Linders is an Independent Consultant in Agile, Lean, Quality, and Continuous Improvement, based in The Netherlands. Author of Getting Value out of Agile Retrospectives, What Drives Quality and Continuous Improvement and the creator of the Agile Self-assessment Game.

As an adviser, coach and trainer he helps organizations with deploying effective software development and management practices. He focuses on continuous improvement, collaboration and communication, and professional development, to deliver business value to customers.

This one day workshop will be held at the De Morgan House in Russell Square. Home to the London Mathematical Society, the building serves as a prestigious hub for UK mathematics.

Lunch will be provided and teas/coffees served throughout the day.

This workshop is intended for:
- Agile and Lean Coaches
- Agile Consultants and Change Managers
- Anybody who is supporting teams in agile transformations
- Technical (team) leaders and Scrum masters
- Product Owners and Project/Line Managers

What will you get out of this workshop:
  • Practice how to assess your agility with Agile Self-assessments to find out how well you are doing.
  • Learn effective ways to travel your agile journey and find out what you need to do this.
  • Get ideas for improving collaboration and communication between teams and stakeholders and break down barriers.
  • Learn tips and tricks to expand and scale an agile way of working throughout the organization.
  • Get advice on selecting and applying agile and lean practices effectively.

Most importantly, it's a great opportunity for networking, meeting like minded individuals and share ideas and practices. So book you place now as seats are limited. 

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