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It's not a book. Judge it by its cover

It's not a book. Judge it by its cover

At Agile Stationery, we've started to take a different approach towards designing the tuck boxes for our various card games. We aim to produce art that explains the value and content of every deck and tells a narrative or story to do so. So we took this approach towards designing the box for our new OWASP Cornucopia Cyber Security game and it was a fascinating experience. 

It turns out a cornucopia is a icon or trapping of various gods such as the Roman Fortuna and Annona, and the greek Zeus. Intrigued, we began exploring a lot of ancient art and mythology.

The usual cornucopia is a horn shaped container overflowing with coins and fruit. We wanted ours to feature network infrastructure and cyber security paraphernalia. So we created our own cornucopia art from scratch.

The tuck box artwork tells the story of recent industry change in the cybersecurity field, using the language of ancient Roman gods.

The God of Trade ('Mercury' from the latin merx, meaning merchant) holding his Caduceus (a symbol of trade). He kneels to examine a fallen Cornucopia overflowing with cybersecurity and network infrastructure, kubernetes resources and OWASP Cornucopia cards. The cornucopia is part of the trappings of the god Annona - protector of the Grain Supply of Rome. Her other trappings - a rudder, a measure of corn, a cloak - are discarded nearby. Annona was a fake god created by the Roman Emperor, so for us she represents the elite model where things of importance for all are supplied by a central power.

Our customers value the autonomy of empowered cross-functional agile teams. We wanted to represent the transition of cybersecurity from something done centrally by experts outside of teams to a position where ecommerce dev teams have adopted cybersecurity as a responsibility. A "Shift-Left".

We are led to believe Cybersecurity will become a collaborative effort with developers, experts and business leaders all engaged with the issue as partners. We feel this culture is more real and sustainable economically and we value the opportunity to help draw developers into that environment.

Take a closer look and get yourself a copy of our newest addition to cyber security games.

OWASP Cornucopia



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