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Physical tools for remote BETter Retrospectives - Online Event By Laurence Wood

Physical tools for remote BETter Retrospectives - Online Event By Laurence Wood

The lockdown in progress in most western nations means massive numbers of people - and the clear majority of the software industry - are working from home. We've all adapted quickly and set ourselves up using a whole host of online tools to keep things ticking over, but amidst all the change we can feel more distant from each other.

Laurence Wood is an agile coach and transformation lead for William Hill. He is known as an innovator in the use of physical tools for supporting face to face collaboration and has invented a number of games including Richer Roles and BETter Retrospectives.

We will meet online on 7th May 2020 at 1730 hours (London time) to discuss his Retrospectives game, how it helps teams to focus on their behaviours and other factors within their control - an important perspective when so much control has been taken away.


  • Welcome by Agile Stationery
  • Introduction by Laurence Wood
  • Team activity in breakout rooms 
  • Discussion
  • Additional team activity
  • Discussion and Q&A
  • Fun activity to announce winners who will get a free set of Laurence's Richer Retrospectives deck!

At a time where we are all working remotely and using online tools to facilitate our sessions, Laurence will help us understand how we can be leveraging the power of physical tools to create more open collaboration and trigger important conversations and interactions.

We will also be discussing how to facilitate this and similar card based games in an environment of mandatory remote working. We will talk through the kinds of features that office spaces offer that are missing at home, particularly the directness of collaboration on paper, and the natural growth of networks of contacts through accidental and deliberate introductions.

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