SCRUMptious Stationery

When I am thinking or working hard I like to scribble notes. I prefer a hardback notebook so, naturally, I gravitate to beautiful Moleskines - often the engineers' version with half-centimetre square rules. To be very honest, I don't draw diagrams that often and the ones I do draw don't follow the grid, but this is the notepad that fits me the best. It's the one that feels right for me in a way that is so personal that it is difficult to articulate.


We can't pretend to have the heritage of Moleskine notebooks and there is not a lot of point in leatherbound index cards, but we like to think our stationery "feels right" for agile, and we are able to articulate our reasons too. But we recognise that we don't have a monopoly on loving stationery, or least of all selling it, so we want to hear from you guys - the Agile community - about what stationery helps you get through your day? What is the stationery you love best as agile practitioners?


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