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The agile box of tricks you need to open

The agile box of tricks you need to open

Our team kit is a little box of lovely agile tools that we built to give you two things:

  • a gift from product or leadership teams to make delivery teams feel valued.
  • resources to help your people deliver software better.

We had in mind users who need both of these things at the same time. When organisations have an agile transformation, or an office refurbishment, for instance, they may have neither the agile background or stationery they need and may have already dealt with a degree of disruption. This team kit offers them a bit of support with both.


We included some agile stationery essentials:

Pro Stickies - the self adhesive notes that you don’t need training to peel and which stay flat and stay stuck

Index Cards - durable A6 sheets for sharing records and high level goals

User Story Cards - an opinionated template, also on A6 to help capture detailed requirements and track progress

Sharpies - for adding all your requirements to the cards in bold readable handwriting and sufficient detail

BluTack - to get it all up on the wall reliably

Gridding Tape - to mark out columns on your Kanban or Scrum Team board.

Thank You Stickers - to help acknowledge common hardships and achievements and motivate your peers.


For teams new to agile we have a bit of written reference material:

Pocket Scrum Guide (or documentation for your chosen framework) - so that the basics are all available in a handy format.

Kick Off Guide - to help you deliver forecasts and perform estimation, as well as ensuring you can work well together as a team.


We also include two items from our range of agile games available as poker sized card decks:

Kick Off Questions - to help ensure that common pitfalls are avoided and predictable problems planned for as you form a new team.

T-Shirt Sizing Cards - to help you play a simple game to estimate work and arrive at an accurate forecast.

Estimation Poker Cards - allowing for a more detailed numerical approach to relative estimation, release planning and delivery forecasting.

Squad Health Check - a self-assessment model that target eight high level themes developed at technology company Spotify.


You can get more information about our agile team games in our games guide.

We have crammed all these items into a single agile focused box of stationery and tools. The Agile Team Kit and Scrum Team Kit are available in beginner and expert editions and can be tailored to meet your branding and intellectual needs.

We think we have presented the best selection of agile essentials in a beautiful package.

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