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'Work from home' Kit

A thoughtfully curated collection of effective stationery and tailor made office supplies for agile and scrum teams, scrum masters, coaches and leaders.

Our kits are available to be customized using any selection of games and stationery in our range.

Special offer - 30% off if you buy 5 or more kits.
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Planning and Forecasting

Estimation Poker


Sprint Planning Kick-Start cards


Scrum Poker


Virtual Agile Ritual Cards



Sailboat Retrospective


Kaizen Kataboard


DevOps Topologies


Continuous Improvement

Squad Health Check by Henrik Kniberg


Multi-Team Software Delivery Assessment


Richer Retrospectives by Laurence Wood


Retrospective Lexicon by Paul Goddard


New Team Set-up

Kick-Off Questions for a new team


Richer Roles by Lawrence Wood


Daily Stand-Up Game by Raluca and Rade


Daily Stand-up Challenge by Paul Goddard