Data Heist – Play to Learn Cyber Hygiene and Data Protection

When: 28th September | Time: 1300 hours BST | Where: Online

Data Heist is the first card game in the world created to educate players on topics related to Data Protection and Personal Cyber Hygiene. It was created with simple game play so that even an 8-year-old can play, yet it has additional features that will engage a more matured players like employees, general public or anyone who uses the Internet.

The game is a bit of an anti-thesis where players play the role of an amateur hacker. The aim of the game is for players to “steal” as much data as they can from unsuspecting victims in the marketplace (and there are many even in real life) using three of the most common forms of attacks that usually result in data loss.

In this session, Mark Barnabas, the creator of the game will take us through how to play the game and get the most of out it for your teams and employees.

Mark Barnabas Lee was an educator in school and now a Data Protection and Privacy Practitioner who provides advisory and training on Personal Data Protection, Risk Management and Operational Excellence. He is currently based in Singapore and has lived in China, India, Malaysia and Philippines in his course of work.