Event: Discover Agile Books (DAB) with Laurence Wood and Ilan Kirschenbaum 

When: 16th March   |   Time: 1630 hours GMT   |   Where: Online

A book club started by four people who never went to a book club, because reading so many books felt like hard work. Among them: agile practitioners and coaches, an engineer from an agile delivery team, and a business analyst from the world of waterfall. We thought we should get together and discover some books, the ideas hidden within them, and what links them to our real working worlds.

The agile landscape is characterized by a rapidly growing number of books on numerous facets. Some are head-on agile, and many are general books that strongly relate to the agile culture, mindset and practices. We’ll tackle them a chapter at a time and share our challenges bringing their ideas into our lives.

The first book we’ll be covering is: Edge - What Business Can Learn from Football / Ben Lyttleton 

Why we chose this book? This is the only book Laurence bought 3 times! One copy he has at home, highlighted ready to discuss what he learned from it. The first copy is locked in his locked-down Leeds office at William Hill, and one he bought as a Birthday gift for a friend using Lean. Each chapter visits a sports coach and explores their leadership approach such that we can take lessons and ideas for Digital Agile Leadership – even if you hate football!

Event Format

We will start with 20 mins of discussion with agile practitioners who’ve actually read the chapter 😛. Break into small groups where people who have and haven’t read the chapter will discuss it together for 20 minutes. If you’ve read the chapter, or the book, then put an asterix on your name in Zoom so we can self-organize a little with diverse groups.Get back together for the last 20 minutes and share what we learned. There will be a vote, do we crack on with another chapter or switch to another book? 

About the panel

Laurence Wood

Laurence is an APMG(R)-accredited AgilePM(R) educator and Head of Coaching at William Hill in Leeds. Laurence is known as an innovator in the use of physical tools for supporting face to face collaboration and has invented a number of games including Richer Roles and Richer Retrospectives. Now Yorkshire-based he likes to train & coach Digital Leaders to deliver more value more often.

Ilan Kirschenbaum

Ilan is a co-founder and agile coach at Practical Agile, an Agile consulting firm, and co-founder at Practical Software, a boutique software house. Ilan is a LeSS practitioner, a graduate of the Program of Organizational Development and Consulting in the Psychoanalytical-Systemic approach and a member of Ofek, Organization-Person-Group – the Israeli Association for the Study of Group and Organizational Processes.

Devika Gibbs

A CIMA qualified management accountant with a decade of experience working on delivering finance projects in banking, Devika -co-founded Agile Stationery to create products that change the way you interact with paper and enable new ways of agile working. Devika will hunt down solutions with an uncompromising tenacity that saves people money, and brings you the best product.

Simon Gibbs

Co-founder of Agile Stationery & a Java developer with 20 years experience at every stage of the Agile adoption process. Simon worked in places when the build screen turned red and places where agile thinking had reached all the way up to the CTO. Having to adapt to weird and wonderful cultures, tens of different tech stacks, and four industry sectors Simon has a taste for novelty and subtlety in solution design.

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