Event: 'Discover your values and make something happen' with Geoff Watts

When: 28th April 2021
Time: 1700 hours GMT / 0900 hours PST
Where: Online

We are very excited to have Geoff Watts, an inspirational thought leader and one of the most experienced and respected agile coaches in the world, introduce two new exercises based on physical card decks. Both decks, the Core Values Cards and the Persuasion Pack, are designed for individual use and help you be a better and more useful contributor to your team and organisation.

In this session, Geoff will take us through how to use the Core Values cards and work towards greater focus on your most critical values so you can clarify decisions, and choose outcomes that matter. We will also look at some persuasion techniques to help make change happen including the ethics of some of the darker persuasion tactics and explore what can be done to get you what want you want with your values in mind.

Core Values Cards

Persuasion Pack

The Core Values Cards are designed to help you reflect on your values and act consciously in line with them. This individual exercise can also be adapted readily to help a team coalesce around values they share.

The Persuasion Pack helps the wielder channel secret powers of persuasion. Get the resources you need. Champion your ADR. Get that new technology on your CV so you can apply to that dream company -- oops! Maybe not! 

We'll be running a prize draw at the end of the session where you can win one of Geoff's decks! To register, click here.
your own copy to explore the cards ahead of the session and use code MEETUP10 for 10% off