Introduction to Richer Retrospectives

Richer Retrospectives is a deck of cards describing  behaviours common in project and engineering teams. Some of the behaviours are positive others are clearly anti-patterns. Users are invited to record how frequently each behaviour occurs in their environment. 

Laurence Wood provided an excellent introduction to the William Hill branded edition of Richer Retrospectives at the Aginext virtual conference:

How to play

Stick the title cards high up on a wall. This is better than working around a table.

Use the orange Universal cards first. These will help any team using any approach. Progress to the green Fusion cards next time. Teams adopting Agile will value these. Finally consider using the purple Agile-specific cards for more mature Agile teams.

Shuffle your selected part of the deck. Take turns to read out the next card, discuss and decide which title to post it under. Finally, discuss how you all want this wall to change as you improve. Take photos if you cannot keep the wall in place.

Use the last 10 minutes to agree as a team which item you want to focus on improving next. Highlight it using the ‘Focus’ card.

Ensure that you can measure your success. Write a clear goal together. Agree when you will next measure the focus item to see if you have successfully improved. Then repeat the activity above. You will get faster.

Let us know how you get on.

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