Our Team Bundle to enable Continuous Delivery
on Microsoft's .NET platform

Team Topologies book by
Matthew Skelton and Manuel Pais


Continuous Delivery with Windows &.NET by Matthew Skelton and Chris O'Dell


Multi-Team Software Delivery Assessment by Matthew Skelton


Continuous Delivery for Windows and .NET is a brief 67 page short-form book detailing the technical challenges of setting up Continuous Delivery on the Windows and .NET platform. This book will introduce the basics to every member of your team:

  • Version Control 
  • Continuous Integration 
  • Deployment Pipelines 
  • Monitoring
  • Infrastructure Automation 

It also introduces the tricky bits of Continuous Delivery adoption. It introduces the challenge of organisational change, the optimal system architecture and the necessary operational features you will need.

Diving deeper, the Multi Team Software Delivery Assessment card-deck itemizes and explains 66 success factors teams need to get right. Deliver a deck to each team member to conduct your assessments giving everyone a chance to speak out the success factors and keeping the screen space for participants holding up the cards.

For team leaders and heads of delivery the hit technical book of 2020 Team Topologies focuses entirely on humans. This will help leaders understand the needs of real humans as they work on real software and help leaders set up teams and team-interactions in the best way for them to obtain the full value of Continuous Delivery. 

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