We've partnered with Shostack & Associates to bring you a collection of resources created by Adam Shostack to learn, use and promote threat modeling in your organization.  

Threat Modeling Tools

Explore physical tools created by Adam to help developers get into the mindset to threat model and reduce friction in the learning experience.

Tools include the Elevation of Privilege game, a whiteboard notebook and system architecture stencil for threat modeling

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By Adam Shostack

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Threat Modeling for Champs where delegates will be trained to be Security Champions to introduce and lead threat modeling in their product teams. 
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Threat Modeling Intensive 222 where participants will deepen knowledge & skills needed to consistently and efficiently utilize threat modeling.
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Live Game Play with Adam

This is an opportunity to experience, first hand, a game of Elevation of Privilege supported by the games inventor - threat modelling expert Adam Shostack. Working remotely in a small group of just 7 participants, you'll use the game to find threats in a sample system architecture.

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