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Agile Stationery Launches Elevation of MLsec Threat Modeling Card Game

Agile Stationery Launches Elevation of MLsec Threat Modeling Card Game

Media Release June 21 2024, London, UK

Agile Stationery, pioneers of physical printed products for software engineers are proud to announce the release of the Elevation of Machine Learning (ML) Security (Elevation of MLSec) Threat Modeling card game, created by Elias Brattli Sørensen, a software engineer and security champion, as part of their range of threat modeling card games and accessories.

Inspired by threat-modeling expert Adam Shostack’s Elevation of Privilege game, the Elevation of MLSec Threat Modeling card game is built on the risk framework published by the Berryville Institute of Machine Learning (BIML). This new game is a fun and inclusive way to help identify risks associated with an enterprises' deployment, integration and/or training of machine learning systems. It helps organisations put insights from leading research groups into action in their own systems. 

The cards, divided into four threat categories, map the ten components from the BIML-78 risk analysis to Dataset risks (Raw, Training, Assembly); Model risks (Algorithm, Evaluation, Model); Input and Output risks, helping ensure the data used by the ML models is accurate and confidential, systems are reliable and decisions made by machine are fair.

Reflecting the importance of Large Language Models, like ChatGPT, the game also draws on the “OWASP Top 10” list of security vulnerabilities for Large Language Model Applications. The Open Worldwide Application Security Project (OWASP) is a nonprofit foundation that works to improve the security of software, and the addition of their research helps engineers to spot the most common errors and vulnerabilities in LLM deployments ensuring that these errors are not repeated in new enterprise software.

Threat modeling is the start of the process to make systems more secure, helping identify the work needed to ensure  security. As Artificial Intelligence (AI) and ML become more prevalent in software programmes and models, Elevation of MLsec aims to bring awareness to threat modeling of machine learning systems, making it accessible and engaging for both security practitioners, software developers and those new to the field.

This is another product in the Agile Stationery collection of printed cards and accessories that change the way professionals think. Devika Gibbs, Agile Stationery Co-Founder and Operations Director said, “I am excited about this new collaboration. We have worked closely with both Elias Brattli Sørensen and Adam Shostack to bring these cards to market for use by everybody with an interest in security and risk management.  The product is so topical with the increasing use of AI and ML as a part of software projects. The popularity of our collection of Threat Modeling Tools really demonstrates the demand by developers and programmers to equip themselves and their teams with tools to identify and manage these risks while still in the whiteboard stage.”

The card deck with 69 cards is printed on light & snappy 300gsm Creatio Game Board with a slick feel making them easy-to-shuffle. They are presented in a printed tuck box with anti-scratch protection. 

For more information, please visit Agile Stationery's website, or contact us directly at


Agile Stationery 

Agile Stationery is a pioneer in creating high quality physical printed products that change the way professionals and teams interact and enable new ways of working. Understanding the critical role effective communications and collaboration play in achieving business goals and results, they work with industry specialists to provide businesses, coaches, trainers and leaders with a comprehensive range of high-quality bespoke, branded and off-the-shelf printed cards, business tools and accessories,designed to assist and streamline processes in Agile planning and project management, security, privacy, and threat modeling.

Their collection of products are used throughout the industry by international corporate organisations, businesses, SMEs, teams, trainers and coaches, C-Suite, IT and Project Management, HR, Marketing and Sales to train, increase efficiency and productivity, and manage risk. They are also used as corporate and seasonal give-aways and gifts for conferences and events.

Agile Stationery is a UK-based company and operates from Beckenham, in the London borough of Bromley. 


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