Our Story

Paper is great. It has the fastest response time of any device you can think of. It has the most amazing display resolution, and the firmware has every crazy idea catered for.

We started this company when Simon noticed his busy Kanban board looking tired and crowded. It was hard to read the Jira numbers posted in the corners, let alone the story descriptions. The board was not radiating information to where the developers were sat. A few simple changes fixed it: Better card. Wider lines. Vibrant Colors. White Spaces. We iterated quickly to get the details right. Did the ink smudge? Did it feel good in your hand? We took seriously details which you haven't the time to think about.


Our Mission

Now our goal is to become the one stop shop for physical products for professionals, with an uncompromising focus on quality. We look for products that change the way you interact with paper and enable new ways of working. We believe we can make paper as innovative as the software it helps to build.

Say hi to us

Simon Gibbs

A Java developer with 15 years experience in different companies at every stage of the Agile adoption process.

Simon worked in places that locked the doors when the build screen turned red, and places where nobody could get in because someone forgot the keys, and places where agile thinking had reached all the way up to the CTO.

Having to adapt to weird and wonderful cultures, tens of different tech stacks, and four industry sectors has given Simon a taste for novelty and subtlety in solution design.



Devika Gibbs

A CIMA qualified management accountant with a decade of experience working in projects.

When a major oil company had bad news to tell the market it was Devika that stood her ground to ensure the market was told the right story. When a global bank needed to deliver a complex data flow across international subsidiaries it is Devika who flew out to Dubai to sort out the mess.

Devika will hunt down solutions with an uncompromising tenacity that saves people money, and brings you the best product.