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How to play EoP and Cornucopia remotely

How we helped PlaySecure deliver real swag for a virtual conference

The finances of a conference are never a simple matter. Ticket prices and sponsor contributions are a delicate balance, and staff and speakers need...

Multi-Team Software Delivery Assessment at home

Security by Stealth and Elevation of Privilege by Gwen Diagram

This Friday the wonderful Gwen Diagram, who we last worked with at Leeds Digital Festival, is speaking on a topic at the intersection of frivolous ...

Kicking off with Scrum

Essential techniques you need to survive and thrive with Scrum

Kicking off with a Sprint Planning Game

How can we can help Agile and Cyber Security virtual conference organisers?

How we adapted to an interesting time

Cybersecurity gamification with the OWASP Cornucopia card game

Tools to help teams reform and restore norms

It's not a book. Judge it by its cover

At Agile Stationery, we've started to take a different approach towards designing the tuck boxes for our various card games. We aim to produce art ...

I play Jack of Privacy: playing cards for data protection by design