We make paper tools for the way you think

We believe that physical products support embodied cognition without becoming distracting and provide the fastest feedback loop in the simplest possible setting. 

What's your challenge?

Planning & Forecasting

Reliable predictions of when milestones will be achieved

Continuous Improvement

Effective retrospectives to help teams grow and cultures to take hold

Organisational Design

Shape teams and interaction modes to maximize the flow of software

New Team

Support new teams and teams new to the agile framework

Build Secure Code

Help developers and delivery teams to take responsibility for cybersecurity

Working Remotely?

We've created a number of products to help teams work remotely and adapted some of our existing products so you can continue to use them on video calls. 

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Estimation Poker and Agile Ritual Cards for Remote Working

  • Single Player set 
  • Numbered Cards featuring the Fibonacci sequence for estimation and planning 
  • Small, Medium, Large T-Shirt Size cards for epic planning and rapid sizing 
  • Traffic Light cards for Retrospective activities such as Squad Health Check 
  • Yes / No cards for rapid online decision making 
  • Bigger card size of 75 x 105mm for good visibility on screen 
Product details

 We believe that gamification of agile and lean methods can help transmit, refine and develop the lean agile mindset and generate a deep understanding for you and your teams.

This is why we get together to talk about games, try them out, find new ones, and develop facilitation skills that beat the pack. 

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