Key Features

  • Our standard card sizes are 63 x 89mm for Poker and 71x121mm for Tarot, but we can create any size and shape you want.  
  • Cards can be printed on a variety of materials with a choice of laminations and finishes to suit your requirements and budget.
  • Tuck boxes are digitally or litho printed on a range of robust stocks and laminated to resist scuffing and tearing.
  • We only buy FSC certified papers and manufacture in the UK

Poker deck prices

Price per deckUp to 35 cardsUp to 55 cards Up to 105 cards per deck
1-19 decks£25.45£29.50£33.50
20-29 decks£13.75£15.70£23.45
30-49 decks£12.10£13.95£17.85
50-99 decks£9.95£11,25£15.25
100-249 decks£6.75£8.75£11.80
250-499 decks£6.45£7.25£9.85
500-999 decks£5.35£5.95£7.25

Tarot deck prices

Price per deckUp to 55 cardsUp to 90 cards Up to 105 cards per deck
1-19 decks£31.30£36.50£41.00
20-29 decks£23.90£27.75£31.50
30-49 decks£19.85£24.20£26.75
50-99 decks£16.80£20.10£23.35
100-249 decks£14.50£17.45£20.10
250-499 decks£12.30£14.50£16.80
500-999 decks£10.45£11.85£13.65

Prices exclude taxes and are based on using our light and snappy Creatio Game Board with playing cards finish and custom tuck boxes.

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