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Pro Index Cards for User Stories (5 colours, A6, 250 gsm)

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Our simple, minimal Pro Index Cards were our first product. This new variation includes a simple template to prompt teams to capture and track key details, helping to ensure this critical information is captured.

Our cards have the smallest possible set of fields to avoid clutter and distractions. We include fields only for the user story template and tracking cycle time. That's it!

The fields are:

  • As a (stakeholder)
  • I want (product feature)
  • So that (rationale, business outcome)
  • Started
  • Finished

The right hand side of the card front is faintly gridded to assist in defining your own fields and keeping them tidy - without getting in your way!

Key features:

  • 100 cards - 5 colours 
  • 5mm grid squares to assist in laying out your own fields.
  • Fully gridded reverse side is perfect for diagrams and acceptance criteria.
  • Durable 250gsm Card
  • A6 (148 x 105mm)
  • Paper texture - perfect for writing on especially using marker pens
  • High contrast brilliant white card