Agile Stationery

Retrospective Refreshers


This kit contains 4 of our card decks dedicated to retrospectives, offering substantial value in facilitating effective and engaging  sessions and contributing to a well-rounded and comprehensive approach.

Retrospective Coaching cards by Geoff Watts: This deck contains over 50 questions to give you reflective questions to examine, ways to freshen up your retrospectives, Inspiration for what to focus on and reminders of what makes a great retrospective. 

Team Retrospective Cards: Created by Agile coaches Allan Kelly and Nicolas Umiastowski , this deck of 24 cards will help bring retrospectives to work in any team. Their fun and engaging deck will guide your team through the process and inspire them to share their best insights.

Richer Retrospectives by Laurence Wood: Laurence has carefully curated 44 critical behaviours on individual cards. The cards are a mix of positive and negative traits that a team should reflect upon when looking back on their performance in a retrospective.

Retrospective Lexicon by Paul Goddard: This deck contains 57 cards that can broaden and deepen your retrospective discussions. Each card describes ADJECTIVES, EMOTIONS and ACTIONS which can help structure a retrospective discussion. A great way to increase participation and widen the vocabulary used in your team retrospectives