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Agile Tools by Paul Goddard

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A set of all 3 games by Paul Goddard:

  • The Retrospective Lexicon: Very easy to use, The Retrospective Lexicon contains cards that can broaden and deepen your retrospective discussions by introducing some new and alternative vocabulary. The experienced coach can select words from the lexicon that address some subjective need of the team, or pick at random to keep things fresh.
  • The Sprint Planning Kick-StartPaul Goddard’s Sprint Planning Kick-Start deck is likewise a simple pick and mix collection. This time each card represents a game or activity that a facilitator can run at the beginning of a sprint planning session. The games are all designed to help teams operate at their best as a team in these environments.
  • The Daily Stand-up ChallengeThe Daily Stand-up Challenge game is similar to the Sprint Planning Kick Start cards in the way it’s played but the focus is more on encouraging the team members to listen and observe each other. All tasks on the cards have been cleverly put together to help teams run their stand ups but also have some fun and be more present especially when these sessions run the risk of becoming repetitive and mundane. 

A great set of games, all created to drive some good quality conversations in your teams!