Agile Stationery

Estimation Poker and Agile Ritual Cards for Remote Workers (with Video Conference cards)

Pack: Single Player
Delivery: Single Address

We've combined our Agile Ritual cards with our popular Video Conference Cards in a single deck to provide your teams members with everything they need for fun, interactive and effective video calls!

  • Single Player set
  • Numbered Cards featuring the Fibonacci sequence for estimation and planning
  • Small, Medium, Large T-Shirt Size cards for epic planning and rapid sizing
  • Traffic Light cards for Retrospective activities such as Squad Health Check
  • Bigger card size of 75 x 105mm for good visibility on screen
  • Yes / No cards for rapid online decision making
  • Video Conference Cards containing 20 visual cues for zoom calls
  • Shipping to multiple addresses by arrangement (small delivery fee applicable)

  • Keep things simple, familiar and low tech in this increasingly complex world.

    Delivery: Expedite shipping (1-2 days) to the US now available

    Pack: Single Player
    Delivery: Single Address