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PLOT4ai - A threat modeling library to build responsible AI


Introducing PLOT4ai, your comprehensive library of 86 threats related to AI/ML. It is a library containing a collection of 86 different threats and a threat modeling methodology to help you perform threat modeling on AI/ML systems, start doing Privacy by Design the right way and create Responsible AI. 

With a diverse range of threats meticulously catalogued and analysed by Isabel Barberá, a privacy engineer and AI advisor, PLOT4ai classifies the threats using the following 8 categories: four of the original categories from LINDDUN GO: Identifiability & Linkability, Unawareness and Non-compliance and five new categories of Technique & Processes, Ethics & Human Rights, Accessibility, Safety and Security.

Each card represents a possible threat brought to you as an elicitation question bringing the right focus and facilitating engagement. The other side of the same card captures recommendations to help mitigate the possible threat and links to further useful resources and references.