Agile Stationery

Core Values Cards by Geoff Watts


The Core Values Cards are designed to help you reflect on your values and act consciously in line with them. Work towards greater focus on your most critical values so you can clarify decisions, and choose outcomes that matter. 

This deck of 56 values cards will help you work out what your core values are and enable you to act more congruently with them. Individual exercises can also be adapted readily to help a team coalesce around values they share and document this in their Team API, a concept introduced in the Team Topologies book

You will learn:

  • What is really important to you
  • Act more consciously in line with your values
  • A valuable coaching aid for individuals or teams
  • See if and how your values evolve over time
  • A great reflection point to assess your actions

Geoff Watts explains more about how to use the cards in the context of individuals, teams and organisations in his session at our Agile Games Workshop.