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Richer Retrospectives by Laurence Wood

Size: 50 cards

Digital cards included in a purchase of 5 or more decks! Perfect for teams using Miro. 

Richer Retrospectives created by Laurence Wood provides an effective framework to review some key and common processes that a team should consider and analyse when looking back on their performance in a retrospective. It then further helps the team to decide what it should do next to resolve those problems.

The technique uses consensus and collaboration to identify the key challenges facing a team and work out the problem areas to focus on to improve the performance of the team.

Key Features:

  • The deck contains 50 cards - 44 theme cards, 5 title cards and 1 instruction card
  • The cards are A7 (74X105mm) in size so the text is clearly visible when the cards are put up on a board / wall 
  • The deck comes packaged in a premium silk scuff resistant box

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 Also available as part of our Team Synergy Box!

Team Synergy Box

Size: 50 cards