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Squad Health Check Card Deck by Henrik Kniberg

Size: 33 cards

The Squad Health Check model allows managers to build mature capabilities while respecting the autonomy of teams.

Based on the Spotify Squad Health Check combined with insight from Google's Project Aristotle, our decks consist of 14 cards, each card representing a specific aspect of team and 6 sets of 3 traffic light cards to enable the team members rate the cards based on their perception of how the team is performing in each area. The goal is to spark discussion and reflection on areas where the team can improve and to celebrate strengths. 

Results are trivial to quantify and can be fed into powerful high-level analyses, empowering them to improve.

    Intelligent use of colours and emoji mean this deck is accessible to most people with colour perception difficulties such as protanopia, deuteranopia and achromatopsia.

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    Size: 33 cards