Agile Stationery

Thank You Stickers for Awesome Notes or Kudo Cards


Applied to card, alongside well-considered words, these premium glossy stickers make a great way to add colour to a token of thanks.

Exchanging such tokens in your workplace builds a sense of belonging, enhances intrinsic motivation, and drives productivity in creative teams. Known variously as Management 3.0 Kudo Cards, Rippas, Hugs, Hero Awards or simply as thank yous, these written notes are a central part in modern management practices for software and creative project teams.

The collection features 12 unique designs by Ayumi Woodman of Yes Cards. Ayumi was commissioned to express 12 distinct sentiments that relate to common experiences in Agile delivery teams. Her unique positive style helps your thank-you note to express the warmth you feel towards colleages.

  • Sold in packs of 84 in an attractive and convenient A5 folder. 
  • 40mm diameter allows them to sit nicely on an A6 index card.
  • Colour coordinated with the Agile Stationery Pro Index Card and Pro Task Pad range.
  • Includes five sample Pro Index Cards in five colours.
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