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Scrum Planning Poker Cards for 6 Players


Scrum Poker is a new take on the popular planning game known as Estimation Poker or Planning Poker.

Cards include sizes 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 and 13 alongside Coffee Break, Not Ready and Split.

The 6 Player deck includes 6 sets of the above cards.

Other features:

  • 350gsm cards with playing cards finish
  • Colour coded sets allow you to tidy up quickly 

More about Scrum Poker

Teams adopt practices such as having a Definition of Ready and fixed length Sprints to improve their productivity and also ensure their delivery is predictable and regular. Stories and features that are too complex overrun and prevent releases, and prevent teams from working well together. Stories that are not ready can explode into a big mess, with unexpected tasks, dependencies that have not been managed and make it impossible for teams to meet their commitments.

We have made rejecting and splitting stories a full part of the process by giving players a way to suggest these outcomes instead of assigning a size. Perfect for teams estimating for a fixed time-box or a sprint. If stories are not ready for the team to work on, or are too large or complex, then Scrum Poker encourages teams to respond by protecting their ability to deliver.

Pair with the Pocket Scrum Guide to ensure the basic rules of scrum are available to your team.