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Product Owner Power Pack

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Product Owner's Power Pack, a comprehensive bundle of card decks created by Geoff Watts tailored to supercharge your role as a Product Owner. 

The pack contains:

  • Product Owner Coaching Cards - this deck of coaching cards contains over 50 questions to give you inspiration in your product development efforts and a new perspective on different aspects of your role.
  • Persuasion Pack - Containing 56 tactics of persuasion a set of coaching prompts for anyone to use to help them achieve influence.
  • Core Values Cards - This deck of 56 values cards will help you work out what your and your teams' core values are and enable you to act more congruently with them.
  • Team Mastery Milestone Cards - This deck of cards contains 50 milestones that great teams will often reach along their path to greatness and can used by Team Leaders to create a team culture that fosters continuous improvement.

And we're also including the Pun Mastery Book in the bundle making it a great gift for your Scrum Masters!