Improve your team's decision making with the Cynefin A&E game

An evening workshop with Dean Latchana

Organisations are increasingly being presented with various degrees of rapidly rising uncertainty and complexity in their environments. But how do you know which approach you should use in a particular situation? And how can you avoid making the wrong decision?

Devised by Dave Snowden of Cognitive Edge, Cynefin is a decision framework that aims to help individuals and teams understand that every situation is different and requires a unique approach to decision making.

Dean Latchana has invented a game to help teams understand how they can apply the Cynefin framework. The workshop will help you understand how to put situations into five "domains" defined by cause-and-effect relationships, enabling you to assess your situation more accurately and respond appropriately.

With its applications in Product Backlog Prioritization, dealing with changing stakeholder expectations, and designing resilient and innovative workplace practices, the game is designed to help you make sense of your environment and decide on the best approach to solving problems and capitalize on opportunities.

About Dean Latchana
Dean is an independent Business Agility Consultant. He's coached in many brands and organisations such as the UK Government, BBC, MTV, Nike, Telegraph newspaper, Financial Times and Sainsbury’s and is on a lifelong quest to explore how Agile can help us anticipate and respond to a rapidly changing world.

Also the editor of The Agilist newsletter, Dean has spoken at a number of business community groups, and taught and run many workshops and training courses at various organisations.

A big thanks to PWC for providing the venue and refreshments for this event!