Our list of games and stationery items

Games and techniques 

We have 3 games which look at internal team behaviors in software delivery and encourage cultural changes to improve those behaviors and processes:

1. Software Delivery Assessment - Devised by Matthew Skelton, these cards provide a detailed assessment of a team's software delivery using six dimensions of Team Health, Deployment, Flow, Continuous Delivery, Operability, Testing and Testability

2. Squad Healthcheck -   Commonly used in Retros gathering teams’ sentiment across 11 themes covering both technical (e.g health of code base, ease of release) and non technical (fun, learning, support) aspects of the teams' processes. 

Both of the above techniques use traffic lights to gather feedback and can be used to produce powerful metrics and identify trends and weak spots. 

 3. Richer Retrospectives - Great for triggering discussions in teams, talking about the key challenges they face and working out problem areas to focus on to improve their performance (Laurence wood who created this game is presenting this game at our next meetup. Join us if you can)

Other games

4. Kick off Question Cards - These contain questions for a new team to consider as they set themselves up covering areas such as Team, Collaboration, key Policy decisions and outside Relationships. Good to prompt useful open-minded conversations.

5. Elevation of Privilege - Played in a similar style as 'Hearts', this game gives developers a great framework to look at their system design from a security perspective and to threat model. 

6. Estimation PokerT-Shirt sizing - For estimation and planning using Fibonacci Series or S, M, L cards

7. Scrum Poker - The deck contains Not Ready and Split cards alongside the Fibonacci series cards giving players a way to suggest these outcomes instead of assigning a size.


Stationery Items

  • Pro Index Cards - We designed these cards to help users write stories / epics, but with a flexible design so they don't in the way of their agile planning.
  • Pro Stickies - Our unique take  on achieving high contrast flat stickies through a square adhesive and use of white paper with coloured strips. 
  • Kudos Postcards / Stickers -  These products were created as a response to the importance of intrinsic motivation in software and creative teams.

Other accessories: Markers, Visual Facilitation pens, Gridding tape

Last but not the least, our latest creation Video Conference Cards in response to COVID-19 and everyone working from home. These cards act as a shared visual language to ease collaboration in video calls where users sometimes struggle to share the audio channel equitably. Could be a nice little add-on for remote teams.