Our Responses to the COVID-19 Impact

We are living through extraordinary times. Public concerns over Coronavirus have resulted in an unprecedented request for the people to stay at home and avoid unnecessary travel. In this context, our program of real-life meetups and workshops has been forced to change and our customers have a radically different set of needs.

Our Status

As a small business, the number of people entering our premises is naturally small. Our small team and the partners we work with are all fit and well and we continue to trade as normal. We are working on exciting new ways to support our customers.

We wish that our customers and their families enjoy similar good fortune.

Video Conference Cards

We are delighted to be able to offer this colourful deck for remote workers. Help ease the awkwardness of video conference calls by giving teams a way to use the video channel subtly to avoid interrupting useful audio conversation, to conduct straw polls and signal issues as they arise.

The decks are simply packaged as individual sets and can be delivered cost-effectively to multiple homes or other locations.

Video Conference Cards are available to pre-order now and are already being manufactured in the UK.


Logistical support for remote working teams

We have always been proud of our service level for trainers and agile leaders. Our customers have extended itineraries offering training to clients in multiple locations and we have sought to deliver product along their route to where it is needed.

Now that teams are scattered all over the country working from home you need to get physical tools to them where they are. Our multiple delivery offer is now going to be extended to all UK orders of physical products, and will include splitting decks of multiple player sets as necessary.

This service can be arranged over the phone. Please call 07850 328 221 to arrange delivery and place your order. A small shipping and handling fee will apply per delivery.


World Retrospective Day

We had hoped to meet in the offices of PwC in London's Riverside to explore Paul Goddard's Retrospective Lexicon and how it can be used to refocus and enrich retrospective sessions. 

We have reached out to Paul and to PwC to convert this into an online session. There are some challenges in making this awesome, but if successful we will distribute details to Meetup users. Please continue to RSVP on the same page.



Leeds Digital Festival

In partnership with William Hill in Leeds, our events were expected to bring serious games for digital product teams, UX collaborators, privacy and software delivery, to this fantastic festival. We love this event, and will seek to reschedule when they announce their new autumn dates. Follow @AgileStationery and @LeedsDigiFest on Twitter.



Leeds Testing Atelier

We were scheduled to speak at this fantastic event to demonstrate an exciting new extension pack to the Squad Healthcheck. It showcased an amazing body of DevOps, Testing and Software Delivery knowledge that was recently codified as a game. 

The event is being rescheduled as a physical get together for later in the year. Keep an eye out for revised details and follow @testing_atelier and @AgileStationery on Twitter.