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Event: Play Elevation of Privilege Threat Modeling Game with its Inventor Adam Shostack

This is an opportunity to experience, first hand, a game of Elevation of Privilege supported by the games' inventor - threat modelling expert Adam Shostack. Working remotely in a small group, you'll use the game to find threats in a sample system architecture.

So if you are worried about security but need to find a path to doing something about it, we are here to blaze a trail through the confusion. This is an affordable accessible means for developers to use their system knowledge to find how specific threats from the past might apply to your system today. As a consultant, you'll have the rich experience necessary to pass this technique on to your customers.

You will receive:
An Elevation of Privilege Card deck
A training exercise prepared by Adam Shostack

Your key learnings will be

  • A lightweight, fun process to turn worries about security into actionable tickets or user stories 
  • Experience of actually executing this process, with the best possible support, so that you can apply it with confidence 
  • First hand knowledge that you can pass on to your colleagues, customers and collaborators 

Event Format

We will play the game using the Croupier hand-dealing app and a set of physical-cards which will be yours to keep. The card deck and a sample training exercise will be sent by post well-ahead of the session. Access to the Croupier online tool is free and confidential.

The session will be run by Adam Shostack with Agile Stationery on hand to facilitate. It will be a small and exclusive group working together via Zoom for 1.5 hours. 

Additional learning outcomes 

  • Familiarise yourself with the rules and how they apply to real game play 
  • Experience, and question, gaming strategies and scoring system 
  • Discover how physical tools and remote working interact and how this emerges as the optimal strategy 
  • Cheat, or don't cheat, and experience the impact on engagement and outcomes 

Private session 

If you are looking to book a session exclusively for your team, then get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and arrange a date. Tickets are £70 per player excluding delivery cost of training materials.