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Stick Flat Pro Stickies with Square Adhesive (5 Pack)

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A pack of 5 sticky-note pads with square self-adhesive on the back, our Pro Stickies are an optimal and cost effective solution to achieving flat stickies staying on your boards for longer. Each high-contrast white pad is edged with candy-coloured border and contains 100 square 76mm notes.
  • 100 sheets per pad
  • White paper for maximum contrast
  • 52% more glue coverage to help it cling longer
  • Stays flat at any angle
  • Available in 5 edge colours (red, yellow, green, orange, purple)

These self-adhesive repositionable notes have a square of adhesive on the back which allows them to stick flat to surfaces in your home and office.

The same square shape stops the notes from curling up and allows them to be positioned at any angle. The adhesive square covers 52% more area than similar notes and offers more grip, allowing them to cling longer.

Manufactured by StickN for Agile Stationery using a patent-pending process.

100% Recyclable