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Remote Agile Coaching by Laurence Wood

Duration: Monthly fee

Laurie supports ‘agilists’ in maximising their own value delivery, heightening their own impact through soft skills, addressing work-place challenges to help minimise stress and maximise capability. Feedback shows he helps people to focus on the key things to be both better and happier in their role and have a metrics-based approach to seeking promotion based on evidence and business value. Why not chat with Laurie to explore how he can help you? 

The initial free 45-minute Zoom includes the use of a specially designed agile self-assessment tool that allows you to visualise your own strengths alongside the inevitable gaps that you may want to fill. This creates an enjoyable conversation on how Laurence can help your people to thrive whilst enjoying your job. This will include training, mentoring, and coaching plus access to Laurence’s unique network of people, organisations, and resources. Remote part-time coaching is an immediate, risk-free way of accessing expertise at a fraction of the cost of an in-house coach. 

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Duration: Monthly fee