Agile Stationery

Richer Roles by Laurence Wood

Size: 50 cards

Richer Roles is a simple flexible outcome-oriented game designed to enable and encourage healthy and productive discussion of sometimes difficult topics. It's purpose is to help diffuse tension and encourage teams to adapt their responsibilities to the specific contexts they are working in, helping them to cope with changing or otherwise unusual circumstances.

The game's inventor Laurence Wood is an agile coach and agile gaming innovator certified in Agile PM, Agile DS, DSDM, PRINCE2 and Disciplined Agile.

Key features:

  • Laurence has crafted 50 statements describing common responsibilities that are required in many software delivery departments and multiple agile frameworks.
  • Teams are invited to gather and select one of 13 role names that they think suit them, then share out the responsibilities they are committed to.

More information about the cards and how to play can be found here:

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Size: 50 cards