Agile Stationery

Sketches - Whiteboard Notebook (letter size)

Bundle: Sketches - A4 Drywipe Notebook

A4 graph ruled reusable drywipe notebook - write on with any dry marker, wipe clean and reuse.

  • Super smooth wipeable paper 200 GSM
  • Paper back - Stapled
  • 10 wipeable pages - 8 graph ruled and 2 blank wipeable pages 
  • Write on with any dry marker 
  • No smudging when you close the reusable notebook
  • Easy to wipe clean with a tissue or cloth or whiteboard eraser

A great product for drawing system architecture diagrams when working remotely. For best results using Staedtler Lumocolor 311 WP4 Universal Non Permanent Superfine Pens (0.4mm line width) and Adam Shostack's Stencil for threat modeling

Bundle: Sketches - A4 Drywipe Notebook