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Mini-books on Team Topologies patterns and practices


The mini-books from Team Topologies collect guidance and tips on modern organization dynamic

Mini-book 1: Finding software boundaries for fast flow - Team Topologies and Domain-Driven Design
This mini-book contains the following articles:
  • Building Adaptive Systems for a Fast Flow of Change - Susanne Kaiser
  • About Team Topologies and Context Mapping - Alberto Brandolini
  • Exploring Team and Service Relationships with Team Topologies and Context Maps - Michael Plöd
  • Architecting Your Business with Domain-Driven Design and Team Topologies - Nick Tune
  • Finding Good Stream Boundaries with Independent Service Heuristics and User Needs Mapping - Rich Allen and Matthew Skelton

Mini-book 2: Organization Dynamics with Team Topologies
This mini-book contains 6 articles by the authors of Team Topologies - Matthew Skelton and Manuel Pais - that cover key aspects of modern organization dynamics.

  • How to break apart a monolith without destroying your team
  • Forget monoliths vs. microservices. Cognitive load is what matters
  • Why teams fail with Kubernetes — and what to do about it
  • How to find the right DevOps tools for your team
  • Why you should hire DevOps enablers, not experts
  • Are poor team interactions killing your DevOps transformation?