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Kicking off with Scrum

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Tools to help teams reform and restore norms

It's not a book. Judge it by its cover

At Agile Stationery, we've started to take a different approach towards designing the tuck boxes for our various card games. We aim to produce art ...

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Get the most out of your product delivery teams


How to play planning poker remotely

Business leaders are perfecting their pivots, sending companies in new pandemic compatible directions. It is worth taking a moment to get ready for...

How to play the Elevation of Privilege Card Game?

Adam Shostack and Mark Vinkovits explain how to play the game with worked examples. This part of their talk at the AppSec Cali conference drew on t...

5 Physical tools to encourage Scrum adoption

Leaders are adopting Scrum in many industries because they recognise the critical importance of feedback in fast changing environments.  Teams who ...