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Data Heist - Cyber Hygiene and Data Protection game


Data Heist is the first Learning Resource created to educate on the importance of Cyber Hygiene and Data Protection. It is designed with different levels of complexity so that it can engage players from age of 8 to 80! 

It is created by Mark Barnabas Lee, a Privacy Practitioner practicing consultant, trainer and advisor to organizations on their data privacy program.

The game is a bit of an anti-thesis where players play the role of an amateur hacker. The aim of the game is for players to “steal” as much data as they can from unsuspecting victims in the marketplace (and there are many even in real life) using three of the most common forms of attacks that usually result in data loss. 

The game consists of:

  • 47 Data Heist cards
  • 77 Praesidium cards
  • 6 Player guides & info
  • 6 Customized dice
  • 1 Rule book