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Elevation of Privilege (EoP) Threat Modeling Card Game
  • $22.00
Threat Modeling Tool Set by Adam Shostack
  • $39.00
Elevation of Privilege Threat Modeling Cards - with PRIVACY
  • $26.00
OWASP Cornucopia Cards - Ecommerce Website Edition
  • $20.00
Multi-team Software Delivery Assessment Card deck by Matthew Skelton
  • $25.00
Threat Cards for Elevation of Privilege
  • $9.00
The Threat Modeling Manifesto - print set of 2 A2 posters
  • $16.00
LINDDUN GO Privacy Threat Modeling Cards
  • $21.00
System Architecture Stencil for threat modeling
  • $12.00
Sketches - Whiteboard Notebook (letter size)
  • From $13.00
Croupier - The online hand-dealing tool for cybersecurity games
  • $0.00
Data Heist - Cyber Hygiene and Data Protection game
  • $52.00
Threat Modeling Wallet cards by Adam Shostack (pack of 10)
  • $9.00

Educate your teams on spotting security and privacy vulnerabilities in your software systems  

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How to play Elevation of Privilege and Cornucopia remotely?

Elevation of Privilege and OWASP Cornucopia are great games to help software delivery teams to be more aware of threat models and actively seek out specific threats.

Many of the advantages of the game are cognitive or psychological and we believe that playing the game with physical cards plays to its strengths while playing to human strengths.

Since it is difficult to play a physical card game at a table, at the moment, this guide hopes to provide a framework for facilitators to setup games through video calls.

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Introducing Croupier - Our online hand-dealing tool for EoP and Cornucopia