Agile Stationery

'Work from home' Kit

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A thoughtfully curated collection of effective stationery and tailor made office supplies for agile and scrum teams, scrum masters, coaches and leaders.

This is the perfect kit to for a wide range of use cases:

  • bootstrapping a team
  • welcoming a new team mate
  • honoring a speakers contribution
  • making a colleague or customer feel valued
  • consolidating Scrum training efforts
  • supporting transitions such as office moves or new working models

Our kits are available to be customized using any selection of games and stationery in our range. Our ready-made version contains the following contents:

    1. A set of Video Conference Cards
    2. A set of Virtual Agile Ritual Cards
    3. Pocket Scrum Guide based on the definitive text by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland OR Black n Red A6 Soft Cover Notebook
    4. Kick Off Guide to Scrum giving some essential techniques for your first Sprints, including popular techniques that are not covered by the Scrum Guide.

    Stationery items

    1. 2 types of Pro Index cards in five colours
    2. Pro Stickies square self adhesive notes in a choice of 5 colours
    3. 2 Sharpie permanent markers
    4. 1 Stabilo highlighter pen
    5. Thank You Stickers in a Thank You envelope
    6. Kudos Postcards
    7. Coloured dots -  To rank tasks or capture a range of sentiments