Black Friday is for grabbing deals, and grabbing data! 

Black Friday: time for resolutions!

That's right! It’s time to work on your New Year resolutions! January is a time to make changes. Changes in your organisation, ways of working and technical best practices. How can you prioritise improvements when Christmas has thrown everyone off their rhythm?

A thorough Software Delivery Assessment can capture your improvement needs now. When you come back for Q1, you’ll already know what needs to change.

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Thanks to our partners, we've carefully curated some bundles to make perfect gifts for your colleagues or teams. 

As a manager or a leader you want to inspire your team to greatness. You want to make sure they feel valued and supported especially in times of big change. You want to keep them motivated and happy. We've put together a great selection of items making great gifts for your teams and co-workers. 

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Secure a good start to the year

Our threat modeling games prompts playful conversations about possible problems with your software design, letting you identify what security work is needed. Not only does this help keep systems secure, it engages software developers and product owners in cybersecurity, warming up often cold and prickly relationships. It also raises the predictability of your schedules by adding forgotten tasks to your plans sooner.

This is the perfect way to start the year for anyone who wants to deliver secure software on time.

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